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Oorspronkelijk bestand(SVG-bestand, nominaal 585 × 585 pixels, bestandsgrootte: 2 kB)



This image is part of the Ancient Chinese characters project (古漢字-Anciens Hanzi), a project to create a complete set of SVG images depicting ancient Chinese characters. Help is welcome (Tutorial).


This 黍-oracle.svg image depicting the character 黍 (Traditional Kangxi Radical 202) in the oracle script (see wiktionary : en, fr, ja, zh).

Datum See the date of uploads shown in the "File history" section.
Bron Available Ancient Chinese Character sources : Chinese Etymology - Sinica Database - Multi-function Chinese Character Database - Chinese Text Project - Chinese Linguipedia
For this picture see's data: see j17302 image on 黍's page.
Auteur Digital file creation : see contributor name shown in the "File history" section.
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Courtesy & permission & Copyright from Richard Sears website © 2003 (see Richard Sears Agreement).

Andere versies

Other SVG script already available:
<This image> -- Shang Oracle script;
黍-bronze.svg -- Western Zhou Bronzeware script;
黍-seal.svg -- Shuowen Seal script;黍-bigseal.svg -- Liushutong script.

SVG ontwikkeling
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Public domain
This image is in the public domain because it is a SVG representation of an ancient script.

The script itself predates the modern concept of copyright, and the creator of this image has released (or hereby releases) into the public domain any copyright generated by the making of the file (and grants an unconditional license to anyone, for any jurisdictions in which public-domain release is not legal). This applies internationally and for any purpose.

Attribution is not required but appreciated.

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Example: the Chinese character 龍/龙 in seal script


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huidige versie8 aug 2009 19:41Miniatuurafbeelding voor de versie van 8 aug 2009 om 19:41585 × 585 (2 kB)Alexmadon{{ACClicense|黍|oracle|oracle|j17302|}}
7 aug 2009 16:40Miniatuurafbeelding voor de versie van 7 aug 2009 om 16:40415 × 810 (2 kB)Alexmadon{{ACClicense|黍|oracle|oracle|j17302|}}

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