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Hoi and welcome to my user page! I am a 65 years old retired freelance motorsports journalist from Germany, for 40 years specialised in the FIA European Championships for Rallycross Drivers and the FIA World Rallycross Championship, and live only 15 km away from Roermond, just on the other side of the Dutch-German border. I use the same nick RX-Guru (for Rallycross-Guru, as dubbed by Austrian and Swiss press colleagues already in the early 1980s) in the German, English and Swedish language Wikipedia also. I was a regular visitor of the Eurocircuit at Valkenswaard and the Duivelsbergcircuit at Maasmechelen, ever since that Summer of 1974. While I’m doing different things in the "Deutsche Wiki" I’ll just concentrate on things in some way or another related to Rallycross here. In case of any questions or remarks feel free to contact me on my discussion page, either in Dutch, German or English language. Groeten uit de buurt van Brüggen! Eddi Laumanns aka RX-Guru