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Dit is een lijst van uitgaven van Hi Records. Na de oprichting in 1957 bestond de door dit label uitgegeven muziek voornamelijk uit rockabilly en rock-'n-roll. Het verwierf later meer bekendheid door de uitgave van soulplaten in de jaren zeventig, nadat jazztrompettist Willie Mitchell het roer overnam aan het einde van de jaren zestig.


Serienummer Uitvoerende Titel B-kant Jaar
Hi 2001 Carl McVoy "You Are My Sunshine" "Tootsie" 1958
Hi 2002 Carl McVoy "Daydreamin'" "Little John's Gone" 1958
Hi 2003 The Charmettes "My Love with All My Heart" "Skating in Blue Light" 1958
Hi 2004 Buddy Holiday "Gloria" "Walkin' Shoes" 1958
Hi 2005 Joe Fuller "You Made a Hit" "Summer Love" 1958
Hi 2006 Mark Taylor "Linda Lou" "My Greatest Dream" 1958
Hi 2007 Fern Fisher "Tommy" "He's the Most" 1958
Hi 2008 Kay Golden "Lover Boy" "I'm Surrendering" 1958
Hi 2009 Joe Fuller "Back to School" "Nothin' but You" 1958
Hi 2010 Kimball Coburn "Please, Please" "Teenage Love" 1958
Hi 2011 Will Mercer "Call of the Wild" "Teenage Love" 1958
Hi 2012 Bobby Chandler "Voice of a Fool" "By-O" 1958
Hi 2013 Joe Fuller "Raining" 1958
Hi 2014 Tommy Tucker "Loving Lil" "A Man in Love" 1959
Hi 2015 Charles Cockrell "Little Girl" "I Want Somebody" 1959
Hi 2016 Kimball Coburn "Darlin'" "If I Were a King" 1959
Hi 2017 Jay B. Lloyd "I'm So Lonely" "I'll Be Alright" 1959
Hi 2018 Bill Black's Combo "Smokie - Part 1" "Smokie - Part 2" 1959
Hi 2019 Moe Maharry "Just for a Moment" "I Cry for You" 1960
Hi 2020 Tommy Tucker "Miller's Cave" "The Strangers" 1960
Hi 2021 Bill Black's Combo "The Wheel" "White Silver Sands" 1960
Hi 2022 Bill Black's Combo "Josephine" "Dry Bones" 1960
Hi 2023 Jimmy McCracklin "Things I Meant to Say" "Here Today and Gone Tomorrow" 1960
Hi 2024 Teddy Redell "Pipeliner" "I Want to Hold You" 1960
Hi 2025 Bill Black's Combo "Don't Be Cruel" "Rollin'" 1960
Hi 2026 Bill Black's Combo "Willie" "Blue Tango" 1960
Hi 2027 Bill Black's Combo "Hearts of Stone" "Royal Blue" 1961
Hi 2028 Bill Black's Combo "Old Time Religion" "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" 1961
Hi 2029 Bill Black's Combo "Do Lord" "When the Roll Is Called up Yonder" 1961
Hi 2030 Bill Black's Combo "Down by the Riverside" "It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)" 1961
Hi 2032 Bill Black's Combo "When the Saints Go Marching In" 1961
Hi 2033 Bill Black's Combo "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" "This Old House" 1961
Hi 2034 Gene Simmons "Teddy Bear" "Your Ture Love" 1961
Hi 2035 The Ramonos "Le Bistro" "Gina, Gina" 1961
Hi 2036 Bill Black's Combo "Ole Buttermilk Sky" 1961
Hi 2037 Bill Reeder "Till I Waltz Again with You" "There Was a Time" 1961
Hi 2038 Bill Black's Combo "Movin'" "Honky Train" 1961
Hi 2039 Gene Simmons "No Other Guy" "The Shape You Left Me In" 1961
Hi 2040 Ace Cannon "Tuff" "Sittin' Tight" 1961
Hi 2041 Bill Reeder "Secret Love" "Judy" 1961
Hi 2042 Bill Black's Combo "Twist-Her" "My Girl Josephine" 1961
Hi 2043 Don Hines "Baby, Tell It Like It Is" "I'm So Glad" 1962
Hi 2044 Willie Mitchell "The Crawl - Part 1" "The Crawl - Part 2" 1962
Hi 2045 Bill Black's Combo "Twist-Her" "Night Train" 1962
Hi 2046 Bill Black's Combo "The Hucklebuck" "Corrina, Corrina" 1962
Hi 2047 Bill Black's Combo "Johnny B. Goode" 1962
Hi 2048 Bill Black's Combo "Josephine" "My Girl Josephine" 1962
Hi 2049 Bill Black's Combo "Slippin' and Slidin'" "Twist with Me, Baby" 1962
Hi 2050 Gene Simmons "Caldonia" "Be Her Number One" 1962
Hi 2051 Ace Cannon "Blues (Stay Away from Me)" "Blues in My Heart" 1962
Hi 2052 Bill Black's Combo "My Babe" "White Silver Sands" 1962
Hi 2053 Willie Mitchell "Buddy Bear" "Drippin'" 1962
Hi 2054 Carl McVoy "It's a Crime" "What Am I Living For" 1962
Hi 2055 Bill Black's Combo "So What" "Blues for the Red Boy" 1962
Hi 2056 Don Hines "Stormy Monday Blues" "Please Accept My Love" 1962
Hi 2057 Ace Cannon "Volare" "Looking Back" 1962
Hi 2058 Willie Mitchell "Easy Now" "Sunrise Senerade" 1962
Hi 2059 Bill Black's Combo "Joey's Song" "Hot Taco" 1962
Hi 2060 Kenny Cain "Practice Makes Perfect" "Words Can Never Say" 1962
Hi 2061 The Apaches "Skippin' - Part 1" "Skippin' - Part 2" 1963
Hi 2062 Benny Martin "My Lifetime Lovin' You" "Love You Too Much" 1963
Hi 2063 Ace Cannon "Love Letters" "Since I Met You, Baby" 1963
Hi 2064 Bill Black's Combo "Do It - Rat Now" "Little Jasper" 1963
Hi 2065 Ace Cannon "Cotton Fields" "Mildew" 1963
Hi 2066 Willie Mitchell "Empty Rooms" "Percolatin'" 1963
Hi 2067 Troy Williams "Anna Baby" "Street of Love" 1963
Hi 2068 Don Hines "You Had to Play" "Trouble Is My Name" 1963
Hi 2069 Bill Black's Combo "Monkey-Shine" "Love Gone" 1963
Hi 2070 Ace Cannon "Moanin' the Blues" "Swanee River" 1963
Hi 2071 The Ringos "Ain't No Big Thing" "I Still Love You" 1964
Hi 2072 Bill Black's Combo "Comin' On" "Soft Winds" 1964
Hi 2073 Norm West "Daydreamin'" "Angel of My Dreams" 1964
Hi 2074 Ace Cannon "Love Letters in the Sand" "Searchin'" 1964
Hi 2075 Willie Mitchell "Twenty-Seventy-Five" "Secret House" 1964
Hi 2076 (Jumpin') Gene Simmons "Haunted House" "Hey, Hey Little Girl" 1964
Hi 2077 Bill Black's Combo "Raunchy" "Tequila" 1964
Hi 2078 Ace Cannon "Great Pretender" "Gone" 1964
Hi 2079 Bill Black's Combo "Little Queenie" "Boo Ray" 1964
Hi 2080 Gene Simmons "The Dodo" "The Jump" 1964
Hi 2081 Ace Cannon "Sunday Blues" "Empty Arms" 1964
Hi 2082 Norm West "Burning Bridges" "Five Pages of Heartache" 1964
Hi 2083 Willie Mitchell "Empty Rooms" "Check Me" 1964
Hi 2084 Ace Cannon "Blue Christmas" "Here Comes Santa Claus" 1964
Hi 2085 Bill Black's Combo "Come On Home" "He'll Have to Go" 1964
Hi 2086 Gene Simmons "Skinnie Minnie" "I'm a Ramblin' Man" 1965
Hi 2087 Don Bryant "I Like It Like That" "My Baby" 1965
Hi 2088 Tommy Jay "Tender Love" "Tomorrow" 1965
Hi 2089
Hi 2090 Bobby Emons "Blue Organ" "Mack the Knife" 1965
Hi 2091 Willie Mithcell "Buster Brown" "Woodchopper's Ball" 1965
Hi 2092 Gene Simmons "Mattie Rea" "Folsom Prison Blues" 1965
Hi 2093 Veniece "What More Do You Want from Me" "You Gotta Take the Bitter with the Sweet" 1965
Hi 2094 Bill Black's Combo "Spootin'" "Crazy Feeling" 1965
Hi 2095 Don Bryant "Don't Turn You Back On Me" "Star of Love" 1965
Hi 2096 Ace Cannon "Up Shore" "Ishapan" 1965
Hi 2097 Willie Mitchell "That Driving Beat" "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright" 1965
Hi 2098 Maurice Bower "Give Over to Me, Baby" "You Got to Give a Little" 1966
Hi 2099 Veniece "Let's Stop" "Yesterday's Man" 1966
Hi 2100
Hi 2101 Ace Cannon "Funny How Time Slips Away" "Saxy Lullaby" 1966
Hi 2102 Gene Simmons "The Batman" "Bossy Boss" 1966
Hi 2103 Willie Mitchell "Bad Eye" "Sugar T" 1966
Hi 2104 Don Bryant "Glory of Love" "I'll Do the Rest" 1966
Hi 2105 The Antiques "Oh, So Many Ways" "By My Side" 1966
Hi 2106 Bill Black's Combo "Hey Good Lookin'" "Mountain of Love" 1966
Hi 2107 Ace Cannon "Mockin' Bird Hill" "Dedicated to the One I Love" 1966
Hi 2108 Big Amos "He Won't Bite Me Twice" "Don't Pass Me By" 1966
Hi 2109 Janet and the Jays "Without a Reason" "Hurtin' Over You, Boy" 1966
Hi 2110 Narvel Felts "Greatest Gift" "I'll Trady All of My Tomorrows" 1966
Hi 2111 Ace Cannon "More" "Spanish Eyes" 1966
Hi 2112 Willie Mitchell "Mercy" "Sticks and Stones" 1966
Hi 2113 Jumpin' Gene Simmons "Go On, Shoes" "Keep that Meat in the Pan" 1966
Hi 2114 Don Bryant "Coming On Strong" "The Lonely Soldier" 1966
Hi 2115 Bill Black's Combo "Rambler" "You Call Everybody Darling" 1966
Hi 2116 Charlie Rich "Love Is After Me" "Pass On By" 1966
Hi 2117 Ace Cannon "Wonderland by Night" "As Time Goes By" 1966
Hi 2118 Narvel Felts "Bells" "Eighty-Six Miles" 1967
Hi 2119 Willie Mitchell "Misty" "Barefootin'" 1967
Hi 2120 Jerry Jaye "My Girl Josephine" "Five Miles from Home" 1967
Hi 2121 Gene Miller "Goodest Man" "She Is Good" 1967
Hi 2122 Don Bryant "The Call of Distress" "Doing the Mustang" 1967
Hi 2123 Charlie Rich "My Heart Would Know" "Nobody's Lonesome for Me" 1967
Hi 2124 Bill Black's Combo "Son of Smokie" "Peg Leg" 1967
Hi 2125 Willie Mitchell "Slippin' and Slidin'" "Aw Shucks" 1967
Hi 2126 Narvel Felts "Don't Let Me Cross Over" "Like Magic" 1967
Hi 2127 Ace Cannon "Memory" "I Walk the Line" 1967
Hi 2128 Jerry Jaye "Let the Four Winds Blow" "Singing the Blues" 1967
Hi 2129 Janet and the Jays "Pleading for You" "Love What You're Doing to Me" 1967


Serienummer: mono/stereo Uitvoerende Titel Jaar
HL-12001/SHL-32001 Bill Black's Combo Smokie 1959 (stereo in 1960)
HL-12002/SHL-32002 Bill Black's Combo Saxy Jazz 1960
HL-12003/SHL-32003 Bill Black's Combo Solid and Raunchy 1960
HL-12004/SHL-32004 Bill Black's Combo That Wonderful Feeling 1961
HL-12005/SHL-32005 Bill Black's Combo Movin' 1962
HL-12006/SHL-32006 Bill Black's Combo Record Hop (later Let's Twist Her) 1962
HL-12007/SHL-32007 Ace Cannon Tuff Sax 1962
HL-12008/SHL-32008 Ace Cannon Lookin' Back 1962
? Al Green Call Me (1973)
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