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Deze op Lua gebaseerde module is bedoeld om groepsfasetabellen en competitieklassementen voor artikelen over sportmanifestaties op te stellen. Het vervolg van deze documentatie legt de structuur van de module uit. In de documentatie van de individuele varianten vindt de gedetailleerde uitleg over het gebruik terug.


De basiscode is {{#invoke:Sports table|main|style=XXX}}.Hierbij refereert XXX naar de gekozen variant. De documentatie bij deze varianten geeft meer uitleg over het gebruik. De beschikbare varianten zijn:

  • WDL (Voor tabellen met een winst-gelijkspel-verlies systeem)

Meer varianten?[bewerken]

De module gebruikt Lua om de tabellen te genereren. De meerderheid van de functionaliteit wordt verkregen uit de hoofdmodule, maar de specifieke instellingen voor de kolommen komen uit de variante sub-modules. De beschikbare varianten beschikken over verschillende mogelijkheden. Indien u meer mogelijkheden nodig heeft kan het gewenst zijn om een nieuwe variant aan te maken. Door hierbij uit te gaan van een bestaande variant kan met een weinig aan afstelling de gewenste functionaliteit verkregen worden zonder een volledige nieuwe variant op te hoeven bouwen. Indien het gewenst is om een nieuwe variant aan te maken, kan u het Lua handboek desgewenst raadplegen.

-- Module to build tables for standings in Sports
-- See documentation for details

require('Module:No globals')

local p = {}

-- Helper functions
local function isnotblank(s)
	return s and s:match( '^%s*(.-)%s*$' ) ~= ''

local function firstnonblank(s1,s2)
	if ( s1 and s1:match( '^%s*(.-)%s*$' ) ~= '' ) then
		return s1
	elseif ( s2 and s2:match( '^%s*(.-)%s*$' ) ~= '' ) then
		return s2
	return nil
-- Main function
function p.main(frame)
	-- Declare locals
	local Args = frame.args
	local Pargs = frame:getParent().args
	local ii_start, ii_end, N_rows_res = 0
	local text_field_result
	local notes_exist = false
	local t = {}
	local t_footer = {}
	local t_return = {}
	local team_list = {}
	local jj, jjj
	-- Exit early if we are using section transclusion for a different section
	if( isnotblank(Pargs['transcludesection']) and isnotblank(Args['section']) ) then
		if( Pargs['transcludesection'] ~= Args['section'] ) then
			return ''

	-- Get the custom start point for the table (most will start by default at 1
	local top_pos = tonumber(Args['highest_pos']) or 1
	local N_teams = top_pos - 1 -- Default to 0 at start, but higher number needed to skip certain entries
	-- Load modules
	local yesno = require('Module:Yesno')
	-- Load style and (sub) modules
	local style_def = Args['style'] or 'WDL'
	-- Historically 'football' exists as style, this is now forwarded to WDL
	if style_def == 'football' then style_def = 'WDL' end
	local p_style = require('Module:Sports table/'..style_def)
	local p_sub = require('Module:Sports table/sub')
	-- Random value used for uniqueness
	math.randomseed( os.clock() * 10^8 )
	local rand_val = math.random()
	-- Declare colour scheme
	local result_col = {}
	result_col = {green1='#BBF3BB', green2='#CCF9CC', green3='#DDFCDD', green4='#EEFFEE',
		blue1='#BBF3FF', blue2='#CCF9FF', blue3='#DDFCFF', blue4='#EEFFFF',
		yellow1='#FFFFBB', yellow2='#FFFFCC', yellow3='#FFFFDD', yellow4='#FFFFEE', orange='#FEDCBA', 
		red1='#FFBBBB', red2='#FFCCCC', red3='#FFDDDD', red4='#FFEEEE',
		pink1='#FFCCFF' , black1='#BBBBBB', black2='#CCCCCC', black3='#DDDDDD', black4='#EEEEEE'}
	-- Declare results column header
	local results_header = {}
	results_header = {Q='Qualification', QR='Qualification or relegation',
		P='Promotion', PQR='Promotion, qualification or relegation',
		PR='Promotion or relegation', PQ='Promotion or qualification', 
	local results_defined = false -- Check whether this would be needed
	-- Now define line for column header (either option or custom)
	local local_res_header = results_header[Args['res_col_header']] or Args['res_col_header']  or ''
	-- Check whether it includes a note
	local res_head_note = Args['note_header_res']
	local res_head_note_text = ''
	if res_head_note then
		notes_exist = true
		res_head_note_text = frame:expandTemplate{ title = 'refn', args = { group='kleine-letter',  res_head_note} }
	local results_header_txt = '! scope="col" |'..local_res_header..res_head_note_text..'\n'
	-- Get status option
	local t_status = p_style.status(Args)
	-- Read in number of consecutive teams (ignore entries after skipping a spot)
	while Args['team'..N_teams+1] ~= nil do
		N_teams = N_teams+1
		-- Sneakily add it twice to the team_list parameter, once for the actual
		-- ranking, the second for position lookup in sub-tables
		-- This is possible because Lua allows both numbers and strings as indices.
		team_list[N_teams] = Args['team'..N_teams] -- i^th entry is team X
		team_list[Args['team'..N_teams]] = N_teams -- team X entry is position i
	-- Show all stats in table or just matches played and points
	local pld_pts_val = firstnonblank(Pargs['only_pld_pts'], Args['only_pld_pts']) or 'no'
	local full_table
	local hide_class_rules = false
	-- True if par doesn't exist, false otherwise
	-- First convert to lower case if it is a string
	pld_pts_val = string.lower(pld_pts_val)
	if yesno(pld_pts_val) then
		full_table = false
	elseif pld_pts_val=='no_hide_class_rules' then
		full_table = true
		hide_class_rules = true
		full_table = true
	-- Show groups or note
	local show_groups_val = firstnonblank(Pargs['show_groups'], Args['show_groups']) or 'no'
	local group_col = false
	if yesno(show_groups_val) then group_col = true end
	-- Show match_table or not
	local show_matches_val = firstnonblank(Pargs['show_matches'], Args['show_matches']) or 'no'
	local match_table = false
	if yesno(show_matches_val) then match_table = true end
	local p_matches = match_table and require('Module:Sports results')
	-- Custom position column label or note
	local pos_label = Args['postitle'] or ''
	if pos_label == '' then
		-- If empty (or undeclared) then default
		pos_label = '<abbr title="Positie">Pos</abbr>'

	-- Get VTE button text (but only for non-empty text)
	local template_name = Args['template_name'] or ''
	local VTE_text = ''
	if template_name~='' then
		VTE_text = frame:expandTemplate{ title = 'tnavbar', args = { mini=1, style='float:right',  template_name} }

	-- Write column headers
	t_return = p_style.header(t,Args,p_sub,pos_label,group_col,VTE_text,full_table,results_header_txt)
	if match_table then
		-- Add empty column header
		t_return.count = t_return.count+1
		table.insert(t_return.tab_text,'! scope="row" class="unsortable" style="background-color:white;border-top:white;border-bottom:white;line-width:3pt;"| \n')
		-- Add rest of header
		t_return = p_matches.header(t_return,Args,p_sub,N_teams,team_list)
	t = t_return.tab_text
	local N_cols = t_return.count
	-- Determine what entries go into table
	-- Find out which team to show (if any)
	local ii_show = team_list[firstnonblank(Pargs['showteam'], Args['showteam'])] -- nil if non-existant
	-- Start and end positions to show
	local n_to_show = tonumber(Args['show_limit']) or N_teams
	-- Check for "legal value", if not legal (or non declared), then show all
	local check_n = ((n_to_show>=(N_teams-top_pos+1)) or (n_to_show<=1) or (n_to_show~=math.floor(n_to_show)))
	-- Also check whether there is a valid ii_show
	if check_n or (not ii_show) then
		ii_start = top_pos
		ii_end = N_teams
		-- It's a proper integer between top_pos+1 and N_teams-1
		-- If it is in the middle show the same number above and below
		-- If it is in the top or bottom, show the exact number
		-- How many to show on the side
		local n_show_side = math.floor(n_to_show/2)
		if (ii_show-top_pos+1)<=n_show_side then
			-- Top team
			ii_start = top_pos
			ii_end = top_pos+n_to_show-1
		elseif ii_show>=(N_teams+1-n_show_side) then
			-- Bottom team
			ii_start = N_teams+1-n_to_show
			ii_end = N_teams
			-- Normal case
			ii_start = ii_show-n_show_side
			ii_end = ii_show+n_show_side
	-- For results column
	local new_res_ii = ii_start
	-- Pre-check for existence of column
	for ii = ii_start, ii_end do
		if Args['result'..ii] then results_defined = true end
	-- Remove results header if it is unused
	if full_table and not results_defined then
		-- First get it as one string, then use string replace to replace that header by empty string
		local t_str = tostring(table.concat(t))
		t_str = mw.ustring.gsub( t_str, results_header_txt, '' )
		N_cols = N_cols-1 -- There is actually one column less
		t = {}
		table.insert(t, t_str)
	-- Write rows
	local team_name, team_code_ii, team_code_jj, pos_num, group_txt, note_local
	local note_string, note_local, note_local_num, note_id
	local note_id_list = {}
	local hth_id_list = {}
	for ii = ii_start, ii_end do
		-- First get code
		team_code_ii = team_list[ii]
		-- Now read values
		pos_num = Args['pos_'..team_code_ii]			or ii
		group_txt = Args['group_'..team_code_ii]		or ' '
		team_name = Args['name_'..team_code_ii]		 	or team_code_ii
		note_local = Args['note_'..team_code_ii] 		or nil
		-- Does it need a promotion/qualification/relegation tag
		local result_local = Args['result'..ii] or nil
		local bg_col = nil
		-- Get local background colour
		if result_local then
			bg_col = result_col[Args['col_'..result_local]] or Args['col_'..result_local] or 'white'
			bg_col = 'background-color:'..bg_col..';' 	-- Full style tag
		if not bg_col then bg_col = 'background-color:transparent;' end -- Becomes default if undefined
		-- Bold this line or not
		local ii_fw = ii == ii_show and 'font-weight: bold;' or 'font-weight: normal;'
		-- Check whether there is a note or not, if so get text ready for it
		if note_local and full_table then
			-- Set global check for notes to true
			notes_exist = true
			-- There are now 3 options for notes
			-- 1) It is a full note
			-- 2) It is a referal to another note (i.e. it's just a team code; e.g. note_AAA=Text, note_BBB=AAA) in which the note for BBB should link to the same footnote as AAA, with
			-- 2a) The other linked note exist in the part of the table shown
			-- 2b) The part of the note does not exist in the part of the table shown
			if not Args['note_'..note_local] then
				-- Option 1
				-- Now define the identifier for this
				note_id = '"table_note_'..team_code_ii..rand_val..'"' -- Add random end for unique ID if more tables are present on article (which might otherwise share an ID)
				note_id_list[team_code_ii] = note_id
				-- Call refn template
				note_string = frame:expandTemplate{ title = 'refn', args = { group='kleine-letter',  name=note_id, note_local} }
				-- Option 2
				-- It is option 2a in either one if either the main note is inside the sub-table
				--                                  or another ref to that note is inside the sub-table
				-- Basically when it either has been defined, or the main link will be in the table
				note_local_num = team_list[note_local]
				if note_id_list[note_local] or ((note_local_num >= ii_start) and (note_local_num <= ii_end)) then
					-- Option 2a
					note_id = '"table_note_'..note_local..rand_val..'"'
					note_string = frame:extensionTag{ name = 'ref', args = { group = 'kleine-letter', name = note_id} }
					-- Option 2b
					-- Now define the identifier for this
					note_id = '"table_note_'..note_local..rand_val..'"' -- Add random end for unique ID
					note_id_list[note_local] = note_id
					-- Call refn template
					note_string = frame:expandTemplate{ title = 'refn', args = { group='kleine-letter',  name=note_id, Args['note_'..note_local]} }
			note_string = '';
		-- Insert status when needed
		local status_string = ''
		local status_local = Args['status_'..team_code_ii]
		local status_let_first = true
		local curr_letter
		-- Only if it is defined
		if status_local then
			-- Take it letter by letter
			for jjj = 1,mw.ustring.len(status_local) do
				curr_letter = mw.ustring.upper(mw.ustring.sub(status_local,jjj,jjj))
				-- See whether it exist
				if t_status.code[curr_letter] then
					-- Depending on whether it is the first letter of not
					if status_let_first then
						status_string = curr_letter
						t_status.called[curr_letter] = true
						status_let_first = false
						status_string = status_string..', '..curr_letter
						t_status.called[curr_letter] = true
		-- Only add brackets/dash and bolding if it exist
			if not status_let_first then 
				if t_status.position == 'before' then
					status_string = '<span style="font-weight:bold">'..string.lower(status_string)..' &ndash;</span> ' 
					status_string = ' <span style="font-weight:bold">('..status_string..')</span>' 
		-- Now build the rows
		table.insert(t,'|- \n')																			-- New row
		table.insert(t,'! scope="row" style="text-align: center;'..ii_fw..bg_col..'"| '..pos_num..'\n')	-- Position number
		if full_table and group_col then
			table.insert(t,'| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" |'..group_txt..'\n') 							-- Group number/name
		-- Build the team string order based on status position
		local team_string
		if t_status.position == 'before' then
			team_string = status_string..team_name..note_string
			team_string = team_name..note_string..status_string
		table.insert(t,'| style="text-align: left; white-space:nowrap;'..ii_fw..bg_col..'"| '..team_string..'\n')-- Team (with possible note)
		-- Call to subfunction
		t_return = p_style.row(frame,t,Args,p_sub,notes_exist,hth_id_list,full_table,rand_val,team_list,team_code_ii,ii_start,ii_end,ii_fw,bg_col,N_teams,ii,ii_show)
		t = t_return.t
		notes_exist = t_return.notes_exist
		hth_id_list = t_return.hth_id_list
		-- Now check what needs to be added inside the results column
		if full_table then
			local res_jjj
			if ii == new_res_ii then
				-- First check how many rows you need for this
				N_rows_res = 1
				jjj = ii+1
				result_local = Args['result'..ii] or ''
				local cont_loop = true
				while (jjj<=ii_end) and cont_loop do
					if Args['split'..tostring(jjj-1)] then
						cont_loop = false
						new_res_ii = jjj
						res_jjj = Args['result'..jjj] or ''
						if result_local == res_jjj then 
							N_rows_res = N_rows_res+1 
							cont_loop = false
							new_res_ii = jjj
					jjj = jjj+1
				-- Now create this field (reuse ii_fw and bg_col)
				-- Bold (if in range) or not
				if ii_show and (ii_show>=ii) and (ii_show<=(ii+N_rows_res-1)) then
					ii_fw = 'font-weight: bold;'
					ii_fw = 'font-weight: normal;'
				-- Get background colour
				bg_col = nil
				if Args['result'..ii] then
					bg_col = result_col[Args['col_'..result_local]] or Args['col_'..result_local] or 'white'
					bg_col = 'background-color:'..bg_col..';' 	-- Full style tag
				if not bg_col then bg_col = 'background-color:transparent;' end -- Becomes default if undefined
				-- Check for notes
				local note_res_string, note_ref, note_text
				if Args['note_res_'..result_local] then
					notes_exist = true
					local note_res_local = Args['note_res_'..result_local]
					if not Args['note_res_'..note_res_local] then
						-- It does not point to another result note
						note_ref = 'res_'..result_local
						note_id = '"table_note_res_'..result_local..rand_val..'"' -- Identifier
						note_text = note_res_local
						-- It does point to another result note
						note_ref = 'res_'..note_res_local
						note_id = '"table_note_res_'..note_res_local..rand_val..'"' -- Identifier
						note_text = Args['note_res_'..note_res_local]
					-- Check whether it is already printed
					if not note_id_list[note_ref] then
						-- Print it
						note_id_list[note_ref] = note_id
						note_res_string = frame:expandTemplate{ title = 'refn', args = { group='kleine-letter',  name=note_id, note_text} }
						-- Refer to it
						note_res_string = frame:extensionTag{ name = 'ref', args = { group = 'kleine-letter', name = note_id} }
					note_res_string = ''
				-- Get text
				local text_result = Args['text_'..result_local] or ''
				text_field_result = '| style="'..ii_fw..bg_col..'" rowspan="'..tostring(N_rows_res)..'" |'..text_result..note_res_string..'\n'
				-- See whether it is needed (only when blank for all entries)
				if results_defined then table.insert(t,text_field_result) end
		-- Insert match row if needed
		if match_table then
			-- Add empty cell
			table.insert(t,'| style="background-color:white;border-top:white;border-bottom:white;"| \n')
			-- Now include note to match results if needed 
			for jj=top_pos,N_teams do
				team_code_jj = team_list[jj]
				if ii == jj then
					-- Nothing
					local match_note = Args['match_'..team_code_ii..'_'..team_code_jj..'_note']
					if match_note then
						notes_exist = true
						-- Only when it exist
						-- First check for existence of reference for note
						if not Args['note_'..match_note] then
							-- It's the entry
							note_string = frame:expandTemplate{ title = 'refn', args = { group='kleine-letter',  match_note} }
							-- Check for existence elsewhere
							note_local_num = team_list[match_note]
							if note_id_list[match_note] or ((note_local_num >= ii_start) and (note_local_num <= ii_end)) then
								-- It exists
								note_id = '"table_note_'..match_note..rand_val..'"' -- Identifier
								note_string = frame:extensionTag{ name = 'ref', args = { group = 'kleine-letter', name = note_id} }
								-- Now define the identifier for this
								note_id = '"table_note_'..match_note..rand_val..'"' -- Add random end for unique ID
								note_id_list[match_note] = note_id
								-- Call refn template
								note_string = frame:expandTemplate{ title = 'refn', args = { group='kleine-letter', name=note_id, Args['note_'..match_note]} }

						-- Now append this to the match result string
						Args['match_'..team_code_ii..'_'..team_code_jj] = Args['match_'..team_code_ii..'_'..team_code_jj]..note_string
			-- Add rest of match row
			t = p_matches.row(t,Args,N_teams,team_list,ii,ii_show)
		-- Now, if needed, insert a split (solid line to indicate split in standings, but only when it is not at the last shown position)
		if Args['split'..ii] and (ii<ii_end) then
			-- Base size on N_cols (it needs 2*N_cols |)
			table.insert(t,'|- style="background-color:'..result_col['black1']..'; line-height:3pt;"\n')
	-- Close table
	table.insert(t, '|}\n')
	-- Get info for footer
	local update = Args['update']			or 'onbekend'
	local start_date = Args['start_date'] 	or 'onbekend'
	local source = Args['source']			or frame:expandTemplate{ title = 'tbron?', args = { reason='No source parameter defined','%B %Y') } }
	local class_rules = Args['class_rules']	or nil
	-- Create footer text
	-- Date updating
	local matches_text = Args['matches_text'] or 'wedstrijd(en)'
	if string.lower(update)=='complete' then
		-- Do nothing
	elseif update=='' then
		-- Empty parameter
		table.insert(t_footer,'Bijgewerkt tot '..matches_text..' gespeeld op onbekend. ')
	elseif string.lower(update)=='future' then
		-- Future start date
		table.insert(t_footer,'Eerste '..matches_text..' worden gespeeld op '..start_date..'. ')
		table.insert(t_footer,'Bijgewerkt tot '..matches_text..' gespeeld op '..update..'. ')
	-- Stack footer or not
	local stack_footer_val = firstnonblank(Pargs['stack_footer'], Args['stack_footer']) or 'no'
	local footer_break = false
	if yesno(stack_footer_val) then footer_break = true end
	-- Variable for linebreak
	local stack_string = '<br>'
	if footer_break and (not (string.lower(update)=='complete')) then table.insert(t_footer,stack_string) end
	table.insert(t_footer,'Bron: '..source)
	if class_rules and full_table and (not hide_class_rules) then
		table.insert(t_footer,'<br>Regels voor de opmaak van de rangschikking: '..class_rules)
	-- Now for the named status
	local status_exist = false
	local status_string = ''
	local curr_letter
	for jjj = 1,mw.ustring.len(t_status.letters) do
		curr_letter = mw.ustring.upper(mw.ustring.sub(t_status.letters,jjj,jjj))
		if t_status.called[curr_letter] then
			if (footer_break and status_exist) then
				status_string = status_string..stack_string
			if t_status.position == 'before' then
				status_string = status_string..'<span style="font-weight:bold">'..string.lower(curr_letter)..' &ndash;</span> '..t_status.code[curr_letter]..'; '
				status_string = status_string..'<span style="font-weight:bold">('..curr_letter..')</span> '..t_status.code[curr_letter]..'; '
			status_exist = true
	-- Now end it with a point instead (if it contains entries the '; ' needs to be removed)
	if status_exist then
		status_string = '<br>',1,mw.ustring.len(status_string)-2)..'.'
	-- Add notes (if applicable)
	if notes_exist then
		-- As reflist size text
		t_footer = '<div class="reflist">'..table.concat(t_footer)..'</div>'
		t_footer = t_footer..frame:expandTemplate{ title = 'references', args = { group='kleine-letter'} }
		-- As reflist size text
		t_footer = '<div class="reflist">'..table.concat(t_footer)..'</div>'
	-- Add footer to main text table
	return table.concat(t)
return p