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It seems odd that most languages on Wikipedia have different years on start and end for this TV show. According to IMDb, en.wp and others the show ended in 2006. This article says different. Why? TJ Lusitanias (overleg) 7 dec 2017 07:39 (CET)

Sometimes shows keep broadcasted, even when the original recording has stopped for a while. Friends is still weekly on tv (and soon on Netflix), Pipi Langstrumpf is repeated till the end of days, I guess. The different start dates might come from local television stations in a language region, else it must be result of either vandalism or misinterpretation from sources. On Wikipedia, unsourced information is tricky anyways! ed0verleg 7 dec 2017 13:51 (CET)
Thank you for answering. I wrote on several different Wikipedia language discussion pages, so far I only got answer from you. Sorry for writing in english. I certainly agree that sources is much needed in all languages of Wikipedia. TJ Lusitanias (overleg) 8 dec 2017 06:41 (CET)