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Early history of Dieren

Please excuse me for using english, but my dutch is rather passive. I just wanted to add a bit of early history on Dieren. The court Dieren was given to the Teutonic order in the year 1218 by count Adolf III of Berg, while he was fighting for the cross in Egypt (ed. Lacomblet II, No. 72). He held it as a "Reichslehen", a fief of the regnum. It had been given to him by Frederik I Barbarossa in 1168, who had seized it from the church of Goslar in exchange für other manors etc. (ed. MGH DD F/3, No. 545). So the correct order of owners is as far as I can see: King - Church of Goslar - Counts of Berg - Teutonic Order.

Maybe someone is able to translate my remarks and puts them into the article.

So long and have a nice day, Fallingdavorne (overleg) 12 jun 2013 11:32 (CEST)Reply[reageer]

I am willing to put your remarks into the article, but could you possibly provide me with an (English) reference to the source this information comes from? Thank you.

Niek_Oldeman 2 dec 2020 21:09