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replaced the coat of arms[bewerken]

Hello, sorry I don't speak dutch (I can somewhat read it). I just replaced the coat of arms as it used the wrong colours (the trees are green, not gold/yellow). I have the past week or so been creating a number of belgian municipal coats of arms. I haven't linked any into the dutch pages yet, so if someone else is interested they may do so. Or else I will do it myself at a later time (right now I'm doing it for the german, french, english and luxembourgish sites as I speak those languages).--Caranorn 21 sep 2006 18:22 (CEST)

Hello Caranorm, I had found your page on commons and I must say that the drawings of the coats are beautiful. Much better then the version I had uploaded in april. I will place some coats on the dutch pages. Best regards, Zonneschijn 21 sep 2006 20:10 (CEST)