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Betatown STRlBHFqSTRqSTR+r Alphaville
Gammaham BHF (DeltaRail) (DeltaRail)
  • Para1: ID of 1st Image (blank for no symbol)
  • Para2: ID of 2nd Image (blank for no symbol)
  • Para3: ID of 3rd Image (blank for no symbol)
  • Para4: ID of 4th Image (blank for no symbol)
  • Para5: left name - right-aligned, appears left of icons
  • Para6: right name - left-aligned, appears right of icons
  • Para7: left note - right-aligned, appears left of left name
  • Para8: right note 1 - left-aligned, appears right of right name
  • Para9: right note 2 - right-aligned, appears right of right note 1

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