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I Am finished with wikipedia totally....the buddhists convinced me what a hopeless encyclopedia it really is...just pop tarts that is all.
My page...not allowed to say that stood for years without much interference but after i blocked hovila and john lekay on fb....The site is inundated with dopey buddhists who cannot understand the real meaning of Nir Guna or even their own Nir Vana and so the pages is swamped by suzuki crap and other buddhist stuff...So it no longer is a clear ajativada page.....a full bucket cannot understand a full bath and the buckets have been at to them the ultimate is their full bucket....they think the shadows on the cave wall is all it is about....joshua jonathan is fool number one who attacked with a couple of dozen entries and edits to obscure the vedanta and this was backed up the a fellow buddhist in the management Kim Dent-Brown another fool ---the buddha's word-----so wiki is a club and if they cannot understand or you offend their ego they edit like a club and then demand that one admits the page is not yours but theirs.............a ship of fools on a sea of delusion....I resign from Wikipedia....The page is still there and on my oclery report blog...
"An" also means "not", or "non"
"Utpāda" means "genesis", "coming forth", "birth"[web 1]Anutpada does not mean the same thing as Ajativada as the Gautama Buddha himself talks about a 'something' whereas in Ajativada there is only the negative or NirGuna.This is a common error of understanding in some advaitins and especially Buddhists.
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