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Feedback centralisation heads-up[bewerken]

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Hallo. Help met het vertalen naar uw taal. Bedankt!

Over two years ago I contacted several wikis as part of the plan to progressively centralise user feedback about the visual editor at Among the other advantages it offers, the centralised board is the only one that Community Liaisons at the Wikimedia Foundation commit to check at least once a week.

If you are reading this message, it means that this local feedback page wasn't suppressed then, but it's still a low traffic page, with low or no maintenance, mainly or only featuring off-topic content, or all of these alternatives.

We are working at the second phase of feedback centralisation. This will also affect this page for the reasons explained above: you don't need to do anything. We will redirect both the existing feedback page and the feedback tool, accessible from within the editor, to the centralised page on Please note, we will still need your help at! In case feedback is posted there in your language, we may need someone who is proficient in it to take a look. So please do let us know who we could ping to get some support. Thanks!

(Still want to keep the local feedback page? Please let me know as soon as possible that this is your intention. The page will need a visible notice on top, in your language. It must either flag the name of at least one volunteer who agrees to monitor and take action on the page from now on, or it needs to say that the page is not actively monitored by WMF staff. I will also contact volunteers who had previously given their availability to act as local liaisons, if any, to see if they'll renew their intentions. In any case, even after the transition is complete, you can get our attention at any time by simply pinging us.)

Unless I hear from you before, we will proceed with the plan above in 2 weeks, on 2017-10-24. I appreciate your attention and all your support! Elitre (WMF) (overleg) 10 okt 2017 17:24 (CEST)

I've been wondering what happens to feedback posted here. A few feedback messages have been archived without a response. What will happen to those? --bdijkstra (overleg) 12 okt 2017 15:48 (CEST)
If those were about existing bugs still occurring/feature requests not reported elsewhere you can bring them up again on the page. Centralisation helps with making sure important things don't get lost after being reported. Elitre (WMF) (overleg) 17 okt 2017 10:28 (CEST)

Labels liegen[bewerken]

Ik klikte achtereenvolgens op "Bewerken" (die de VE opende) en op "Brontekst bewerken" en ik maakte deze edit. Toch staat erbij: "(Label: Visuele tekstverwerker: omgeschakeld)". Rara hoe kan dat? --bdijkstra (overleg) 13 okt 2017 17:03 (CEST)

Nou, de bewerking is gedaan door iemand die de visuele editor gebruikte en toen is omgeschakeld naar brontekst bewerken. Dat lijkt me geen leugen. Ik spreek voor mijn beurt maar ik kan me voorstellen dat je zo'n label wil hebben om te achterhalen welke bewerkingen blijkbaar met de visuele editor niet af te ronden waren, dat zijn mooie aanknopingspunten voor verbetering. Dat is hoe ik 'm althans interpreteer. Het werkt al jaren zo. –Frank Geerlings (overleg) 13 okt 2017 23:08 (CEST)
Aha, dus dat is wat het betekent! Ik vond hier nog een beschrijving die strookt: "De gebruiker is begonnen met bewerken via de visuele tekstverwerker en is daarna omgeschakeld naar de wikitekstbewerker." Deze beschrijving wordt echter nergens op deze wiki gebruikt. In ieder geval vind ik de tag nogal cryptisch geformuleerd. Bovendien een beetje misleidend aangezien ik per ongeluk klikte en geen enkele handeling in VE verricht heb. --bdijkstra (overleg) 13 okt 2017 23:28 (CEST)

Suggestion improvement citing option[bewerken]

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I like the "citing" option, especially the automatic version. However, it requires two clicks, first to make the footnote, then to insert it in the text. It often happens to me to forget the second step. If you ask me, it can be combined into one, because after inserting it, the parameters can easily be changed. Thanks, Ellywa

Elly (overleg) 22 okt 2017 14:34 (CEST)