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EN: I am not a native speaker of Dutch. I have used an automated translation program from Google to translate the temperature graph shown on the main page from English. Thus the translation may not be perfect, and if it is wrong you are invited to edit the file and replace the eroneous text. I can be contacted at the English Wikipedia at Rfc1394 (Talk)
NL: Ik ben niet kunnen lezen of schrijven Nederlands. Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van een geautomatiseerde vertaling programma van Google om de temperatuur grafiek getoond op de hoofdpagina uit het Engels te vertalen. Zo is de vertaling kan niet perfect zijn, en als het verkeerd wordt u uitgenodigd om het bestand te bewerken en de eroneous tekst te vervangen. Wilt u contact met mij opnemen, kunt u dit doen op de Engels Wikipedia. Rfc1394 (overleg) 28 apr 2012 11:04 (CEST)

Hello Rfc1394,
As you already assumed, the translation wasn't perfect, but it was a nice try. ;-)
My suggestion: to replace the image with a table. See my edit – I cropped your image css-wise, to cut off the texts below and to the right of the graph (so changing and wikilinking the texts is more easy). Of course it's better to do the cropping in the svg; could you make a language-independant version of it?
  • with no texts, except for the numbers to the left,
  • with a small margin,
  • with the thin lines (pointing to the texts below) spread more evenly – see the current table cell widths,
  • with a vertical thin line pointing to the "absolute zero" text.
With kind regards — Mar(c). [O] 28 apr 2012 15:05 (CEST).