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New tests performed[bewerken]

Earlier the Dutch community had a voting in what they said that as long as the as major problems considered issues aren't solved, the Visual Editor is not ready to be implemented in the Dutch Wikipedia. Before the voting a wiki wide test had been done in how well the Visual Editor is working and to see if the software is ready for full implementation. The problems that came out of this test have been presented to the community in the voting, and community made clear that while these problems still occur, the Visual Editor is not ready for implementation. It is considered unacceptable that users damage articles just because the software can't handle simple wiki codes.

Today I have been doing the same tests as earlier for the voting, and still a part of the major issues found in the articles on what the community said them to be unacceptable, still exist. Based on the tests and the voting, the visual editor is still not ready to be implemented as default on the Dutch Wikipedia.

The main issue that still exist with the Visual Editor is the problem with white lines. On many many articles white lines are extra added to articles when viewing the article with the Visual Editor. As those lines are very disturbing, users will try to remove the white lines and accidental remove images, infoboxes and other templates aligned to the right with them. Those images, infoboxes and other templates that are deleted, is purely because the Visual Editor can't handle their presence in articles. This concerns thousands of articles. Examples:

  • Bali - still too much white above the first text lines
  • Rijn - also
  • Amstel - also
  • Brussels - still too much white space above the fist text lines and in external links section
  • Antwerpen - also

And removal of these white lines already occured with the VE, like with this edit.
>>> Phabricator?

And something strange is happening here:

And the Visual Editor can't handle our many times used Appendix template, which is in use on 1132190 pages:

  • Nederlands Hervormde Kerk
  • Amstel - something wrong happens when someone wants to add a source... how to change the link in a reference, I don't get it...

References are considered as one of the most important parts of articles!

And let me make clear, I believe that a good working the Visual Editor is highly wanted and needed, and should be implemented as fast as possible, but only when it is ready without any major problems. Romaine 11 feb 2015 20:57 (CET)

I ran into two cosmetic issues while using VE on nlwp, one of which (the former) perhaps applies specifically to Dutch wikipedia:
Romaine, are the issues you reported above specific to Dutch wikipedia, and/or are they being tracked in Phabricator? –Frank Geerlings (overleg) 13 feb 2015 00:53 (CET)
User:Romaine, what Frank says. It is possible to trace all of these bugs and to nominate them on Phabricator as blockers (just add an "Associate Project" comment on the task against the "§ VisualEditor Q3 Blockers" project). I or others could even help with that if there was a current, up-to-date list. Maybe we can also make it happen before the 2nd meeting starts? Elitre (WMF) (overleg) 16 feb 2015 19:29 (CET)
I was not able to do that before the next meeting, but should be done soon. Romaine 20 feb 2015 01:26 (CET)