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Asyla ten Holt is founder of Funark and an artist/prose-writer born in Dutch Antilles. Her European/African families are mixed residents from Windward islands immigrated to Curacao with professions in civil services and creative artists. Her background also include the holistic healing, also ancient genes in families to being Practitioners. Funark, since 1989, is a non profit foundation promoting her Arts/Culture and coaching Arts and Therapies Programs while Asyla believes that by ways of stretching and arts/writing you can improve the self awareness. With 40 years of practise and a Senior, Asyla ten Holt diligently mused arts and healing into the narrative and installation works.

The intention of Funark was exactly that of raising awareness in Asyla's communities within ABC-islands and be one of initiatives to enhance knowledge of a person and self improve it's esteem, encourage and lift up hidden talents. She tried very hard to instruct citizens, especially grown ups by ways of settled programs and get sponsored to write articles about activities and also interviewing artists, dramatists, dancers, musicians and writers working at the sector of culture and educational departments - also individuals to bring them more to foreground. Exhibits were important outlets to let know of and she gave attention through contributing to yearly programs coaching kids in black community, organised by institutions while Asyla had her own programs for youth- and community centers Including bodyworks.

Funark is very much relied on Funds through that it turned out to respond directly to Asyla's capturing artists' endeavors and writing skills for resourcing works and to help apprenticing in historical inquiries in the advantages of a healthy community and resources from abroad to compare with. It's recorded from independent female soul artist who lives in a diverse multi-mix community. This is an ability to get all opportunities to her artistic and linguistically reaching out to contacts abroad; obtaining fund facilities and keep practising while declare a contemporary function in exist.

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