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ONE OF fundraising activities to gain money to develop Youth programs and stretching.

Asyla ten Holt is founder of Funark Promote Arts/Culture Foundation in Curacao and an artist/prose-writer and born in Dutch Caribbean. She studied the holistic healing, Art as well which form a total influential part in her ancient family history Funark, since 1989, is a non-profit foundation promoting her Arts/Culture and started with writing articles and interviewing artists from all grounds. Later on Asyla was hosting Arts and Therapies Youth Programs while had the option to include stretching and arts/writing to improve self awareness. With 40 years of practice and a Senior, Asyla ten Holt diligently mused arts and healing into the narrative and installation works.

The intention of Funark has kept alive for raising awareness within ABC-islands Community Centers and be one of initiatives to enhance knowledge of a person and self improve the esteem, encourage and lift hidden talents. She coached also grown-ups that have many benefits to their overall health.

Funark is very much relied on Grands since all endeavors respond directly to Asyla's hosting activities and writing skills resourcing Arts/Culture, events outdoors and to compare with rest Caribbean and other areas. The apprenticeship in historical relationship to Arts/Culture is to be advanced in a healthy futures' community and since added to her expressive narrative this independent female soul being's intention now is to renew her Funark residence from Open house to visitors, to In-residence and attract other creatives to work together and build up new projects with Fund-inquiry for the area of Bandabou, countryside where the Centered Studio resides. It's her duty to host her artistic and linguistically fellow-creatives into join and develop new inspirational subjects for the benefit of talented youth and development opportunities. See;

Herb studies and garden functioning.

Her website is: