Lijst van afleveringen van Nurses

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Hieronder een lijst met afleveringen van de televisieserie Nurses, welke werd uitgezonden tussen 1991 en 1994 op de Amerikaanse zender NBC.

Seizoen 1[bewerken]

Afl. nr. Afleveringtitel
S1/AFL01 Son of Pilot
S1/AFL02 A Lesson in Life
S1/AFL03 This Joint is Jumpin'
S1/AFL04 Coming to America
S1/AFL05 Reversal of Grandpa
S1/AFL06 Mother, Jugs, and Zach
S1/AFL07 Dead Nurse
S1/AFL08 Kind, Kompassionate and Karing
S1/AFL09 Begone with the Wind
S1/AFL10 An Intern-al Affair to Remember
S1/AFL11 Seize the Date
S1/AFL12 Friends and Lovers
S1/AFL13 Love, Death, and the Whole Damn Thing
S1/AFL14 No Hiding Place
S1/AFL15 Sphere Today, Gone Tomorrow
S1/AFL16 The Truth Shall Screw You Up
S1/AFL17 Married to the Mop
S1/AFL18 Eat Something
S1/AFL19 Catch a Fallen Star
S1/AFL20 Moon over Miami
S1/AFL21 Rude Awakenings
S1/AFL22 The Ex-Factor

Seizoen 2[bewerken]

Afl. nr. Afleveringtitel
S2/AFL01 Slime and Punishment
S2/AFL02 In My New Country
S2/AFL03 Inside Information
S2/AFL04 The Bad Boy in the Plastic Bubble
S2/AFL05 Julie Gets Validated
S2/AFL06 Annie's Choice
S2/AFL07 Playing Doctor
S2/AFL08 Dirty Laundry
S2/AFL09 Illicit Transfers
S2/AFL10 Our Fred
S2/AFL11 One Pequeno, Two Pequeno
S2/AFL12 Solitary Man
S2/AFL13 Caught Short
S2/AFL14 If I Were a Rich Man
S2/AFL15 Gropes of Wrath
S2/AFL16 Super Bowl
S2/AFL17 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
S2/AFL18 Love and Death
S2/AFL19 Family Outing
S2/AFL20 When Hank Met Gina
S2/AFL21 Sting of Hearts
S2/AFL22 What Are Friends For?
S2/AFL23 Smokin' in the Boys Room
S2/AFL24 Jumpin' Jack Flash

Seizoen 3[bewerken]

Afl. nr. Afleveringtitel
S3/AFL01 The Eagle Has Landed
S3/AFL02 Send In The Gowns
S3/AFL03 Intruders
S3/AFL04 Jack's Indecent Proposal
S3/AFL05 Bring Me the Head of Hank Kaplan
S3/AFL06 Snowball's Chance
S3/AFL07 The Bridges of Dade Country
S3/AFL08 No, But I Played One on TV
S3/AFL09 Temporary Setbacks
S3/AFL10 The Birth of a Marriage
S3/AFL11 The Shift of the Magi
S3/AFL12 Paco Gets Married
S3/AFL13 Parental Guidance Suggested
S3/AFL14 Mi Casa, Su Casa
S3/AFL15 Fly the Friendly Skies
S3/AFL16 Don't Hit the Road, Jack
S3/AFL17 Bury the Hatchets
S3/AFL18 Nothin' Says Lovin'
S3/AFL19 Silent Partner
S3/AFL20 The One after the Earthquake
S3/AFL21 The Big Jack Attack
S3/AFL22 All the Pretty Caseys