Mosquito (band)

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Mosquito was de kort bestaande groep met Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Tim Foljahn (Two Dollar Guitar) en Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) en gastmuzikant James McNew.


  • Down,7-inch (ERL) 1993
  • Time Was lp (ERL/Smells Like Records 005) 1993 cd (Au-go-go [Australia]) 1993 (uitverkocht)
  • UFO Catcher cd (Time Bomb [Japan]) 1993
  • Oh No Not Another Mosquito My House Is Full of Them! cd (Psycho Acoustic Sounds) 1993
  • Cupid's Fist cd (Red Note [Holland]) 1994

Tracklist van Time Was[bewerken]

  • Mothership Singapore
  • Erl Duke
  • Automatic Vaudeille
  • Blues Implosion
  • Time Was
  • In the Night (Drive My Car)
  • (The Legend of) Seven Skulls
  • The Sound of This Song I Love
  • Walking Pneumonia
  • Night of Manhood
  • Hot Corn Girl
  • Dont See Twin Peaks the Movie
  • Gum Shoe
  • Frodown O King Cacha
  • Evil Thing Catcher
  • Gentlemans Tan
  • Joey Davison
  • McGurks Suicide Hill
  • Beneath the Invisible
  • Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up

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