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De sjabloonbeschrijving hieronder wordt niet afgebeeld wanneer het sjabloon wordt geplaatst.

{{tlx|tlx|template|first parameter|second|third|fourth|fifth|sixth|seventh|eight|ninth}} → {{tlx|template|first parameter|second|third|fourth|fifth|sixth|seventh|eight|ninth}}

Mnemonically 'Template list expanded'... after {{tlx|tl}} 'Template list' {{I2}}This template takes another template-name and some associated pipe-tricked parameters, and aggregates them into an 'example demonstration' of how the template-name template might be used. If given no additional parameters, it presents the same as the similar (lt) template-- a blue link nested in squiggley-braces-- the same as a user would apply the template without parameters.

Up to five parameters for the specified template are displayed as placeholders, more parameters are shown as "|...".