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Move to Dutch title "Stadsfiets"[bewerken]

Why the English words "city bike" in the title? This is Dutch Wikipedia, so shouldn't the title be "Stadsfiets"?

The stadsfiets is very popular in Holland, so why is this article so short?

-- Mike Hoffman, Nov. 14, 2008

Dear Mike, "city bike" and "stadsfiets" are imho not exactly the same words. My opinion is that bikeproducers introduced the term "city bike" here in the Netherlands. Stadsfiets in a lot of cities here means something like an old(er) bike so it it won't get stolen very quick but is usable in the city/urban areas. In general most of them/they dont have an external gearing system. Mountainbikes, recumbent/ racing and foldable bikes dont fall exactly in that category. There is a definition in the Dutch dictionary (Van Dale) about stadsfiets but I cant verify what it says about it right now. I will ask someone to look it up. Regards --Sonty567 14 nov 2008 19:31 (CET)
Mike, I have some info on stadsfiets and citybike and will put it on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:European_city_bike. --Sonty567 15 nov 2008 17:34 (CET)
Ik heb het artikel hernoemd naar "Stadsfiets" - Jvhertum 4 aug 2009 16:00 (CEST)

Help with English article "European city bike"[bewerken]

Please help improve the English Wikipedia article "European city bike", which is about Dutch stadsfietsen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_city_bike

-- Mike Hoffman, Nov. 14, 2008