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I'm terribly sorry but I'm afraid there may be a tiny mishap with the translation "Kus me, dan zal ik de meiden kussen". According to the Brooklyn Museum, "As the title implies, this bold young woman promises a dose of molasses to the person advancing to kiss her while she makes fruit preserves." 1 According to Artbeyondsight.org, "The word ‘Lasses is short for molasses. It’s a moment of playful flirtation, for if the man she’s addressing tries to kiss her, she’ll give him a dousing of molasses from a wooden spoon she holds." My Dutch may be worse than abysmal but I still suspect that meaning might be not entirely explained by the word "meiden". Ehitaja (overleg) 13 okt 2021 22:45 (CEST)[reageer]

@Ehitaja: - Thank you, you are absolutely right. I changed the description of the painting and tried to improve the translating of the title with reference to melasse. Elly (overleg) 14 okt 2021 00:16 (CEST)[reageer]