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This page contains information for non-Dutch bot users on the Dutch Wikipedia. Warning! This document is just meant as an English language recap of the main information on Wikipedia:Bots. If you are able to understand Dutch, it is advisable to read that page instead, because it is more extensive and more up-to-date.

  • Bots should be run using an account separate from your main account. The name of the account should make it clear that the user is a bot.
  • The bot account may not be used for manual edits.
  • If your bot does not have a bot flag, it should not make more than 1 edit per minute. If it does, 12 edits per minute are allowed, but running more slowly is advised.
  • You should provide information where you can be reached so that you can be asked to stop your bot if it misbehaves.

The Dutch Wikipedia does allow global bot flags, but not automatic approvals. You can apply for global bot status at m:Steward requests/Bot status or local bot status at Wikipedia:Aanmelding botgebruikers.

Every three years the bureaucrats will check all bot accounts with a bot flag for their activity. If a bot account hasn't edited the Dutch Wikipedia for at least three years, the owner of the bot will be informed. If a bot owner wants to retain the bot flag they can do so, regardless of activity, by confirming their account on this page. The bot flag will be removed if there is no response after three months.