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Аҧсшәа: Румыниятәи герб.
العربية: شعار رومانيا.
مصرى: شعار رومانيا الحالي.
Беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎: Герб малы. Румынія. Герб Румыніі.
Беларуская: Герб малы. Румынія.
Български: Гербът на Румъния.
বাংলা: Coat of arms of Romania.
Српски / srpski: Grb Rumunije.
English: Coat of arms of Romania.
Українська: Герб Румунії.
Română: Stema României
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Public domain According to the Romanian Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law no. 8/1996 of March 14, 1996 with further amendments Chapter 3 Article 9 the following documents shall not benefit from the legal protection accorded to copyright:
  • (a) the ideas, theories, concepts, scientific discoveries, procedures, working methods, or mathematical concepts as such and inventions, contained in a work, whatever the manner of the adoption, writing, explanation or expression thereof;
  • (b) official texts of a political, legislative, administrative or judicial nature, and official translations thereof;
  • (c) official symbols of the State, public authorities and organizations, such as armorial bearings, seals, flags, emblems, shields, badges and medals;
  • (d) means of payment;
  • (e) news and press information;
  • (f) simple facts and data.

Also, according to Chapter 10 Article 85 Paragraph 2,

  • The photographs of letters, deeds, documents of any kind, technical drawings and other similar papers shall not benefit from the legal protection accorded to copyright.

Therefore this image is assumed to be in the public domain worldwide, although some of the above categories may be subject to usage restrictions within Romania.

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Coat of arms of Romania.svg
Deze afbeelding toont een vlag, een wapen, een zegel of een ander officieel insigne. Voor het gebruik van dergelijke symbolen bestaan in veel landen wettelijke beperkingen. Deze beperkingen staan los van de auteursrechtelijke status.


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