Burned Alive by Time

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Burned Alive by Time
Album van Evergreen Terrace
Uitgebracht 26 november 2002
Genre metalcore
Label(s) Eulogy Recordings
Losing All Hope Is Freedom
Burned Alive by Time
Writer's Block
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Burned Alive by Time is het tweede album van Evergreen Terrace en kwam in 2002 uit.

Track listing[bewerken]

  1. Understanding the Fear That Lies Within
  2. No Donnie, These Men Are Nihilists
  3. Burned Alive by Time
  4. Dear Live Journal
  5. Funeral Grade Flowers
  6. My Heart Beats In Breakdowns
  7. Taking Care of the Dead Fish
  8. Please Hammer Don't Hurt'Em
  9. Absence of Purpose in the Succession of Events
  10. Heavy Number One (AKA: Shizzle My Nizzle)