NGC 7088

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NGC 7088
Afbeelding gewenst
Sterrenbeeld Waterman
Type Niet-bestaand object
NGC NGC 7088
Rechte klimming 21u33m22s
(Epoche 2000)
-0° 23' 0"
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NGC 7088 is een niet-bestaand object in het sterrenbeeld Waterman. Het hemelobject werd op 28 september 1880 ontdekt door de Britse astronoom Joseph Baxendell [1]. De samensteller van de New General Catalogue, Johan Dreyer, schreef daarover:

NGC 7088 is "extremely faint, extremely large, diffuse, extended east-west, north of M 2". Although "Baxendell's Nebula" was observed visually by a number of astronomers between 1880 and 1930, all efforts to photograph the nebula have been unsuccessful, leading to the nickname Baxendell's Unphotographable Nebula. It appears that the "nebula" was an illusion caused by reflections or glare from the nearby globular cluster Messier 2, and has no real physical existence.

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