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Tailored Texts[bewerken]

Dear EdBever,

Thanks for your work on Wikipedia, it's appreciated.

I would like to discuss with you the question of spamming which was brought up by you at [1]. Please could you point me towards your/wiki's definition of a "unique resource"? I can't understand how what has been put up cannot be considered to be unique... Hyper-annotated versions of these texts simply do not exist elsewhere and are hugely beneficial to wiki users who are reading texts in the original language but who are not native speakers!

I have had discussions with two wiki admins about the placing of links on the French wikipedia sites (see [2] and [3]). Following these discussions, and seeing that the current annotations are in English, I agree that links to the site are probably not directly beneficial for French speakers and that a strong argument can be made that content is replicating what exists on Wikisource.

However, I do not believe the same logic can be applied on the English Wikipedia. Taking the Trois Contes wiki page as an example [4], there are several existing external links all pointing towards the same edition (albeit in different formats). What is at Tailoredtexts.com, however, is the text with over a thousand annotations [5]. Those annotations are both unique in content and in number. The same can be said of Candide [6] and several other texts. Surely they deserve to be brought to the attention of English-speaking wiki users?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Daniel - De voorgaande opmerking werd toegevoegd door (overleg|bijdragen)

Dit bericht werd door in je overlegarchief voor november geplaatst. Ik heb het naar hier verplaatst en hem op de hoogte gesteld. **Man!agO** 24 dec 2011 15:46 (CET)
Dear Daniel, I think unique resource is pretty self-explanatory. It is mentioned as primary reason on en:WP:EL under Links normally to be avoided. It means that the link is unique, i.e. there is nothing like it anywhere on the internet. When I look at Google, I find more sites with annotated texts. This means it probably is not unique. There may be a difference in numbers of annotations between sites, but this is not a contest of who is the biggest. The content of the annotations should be unique, otherwise there would be copyright infringements so that's not a big argument in this discussion. I still feel the link is not a unique resource. You, or other anonymous users, have only edited wikipedi ato place this link. This may be seen as spamming, or link pushing.
The texts themselces should be on wikisource, no question about it. The annotations are useful, but the main lines of the text could or rather should be mentioned in the wikipedia articles.
Having said this, i do not deny this site may be of use. The link has not been blacklisted. You have discussed the placement of the links and I feel this is the way to go. If you discuss the placement of the links, there is no harm and the placements will not be reverted. If you have discussed placement I suggest you mention it on m:User:COIBot/XWiki/tailoredtexts.com, so any spam-patroller can see that you are not spamming. EdBever (overleg) 24 dec 2011 16:52 (CET)

Dear EdBever,

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. I will make sure that I discuss any potential adding before doing it as I do not want to end up on the blacklist!

Best wishes,



Dear EdBever,

I would appreciate your comment on here http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:COIBot/XWiki/thai-fussball.com#Discussion Danke. --Lokomotive74 (overleg) 24 dec 2011 20:51 (CET)

Bevestiging moderatorschap[bewerken]

Beste moderator,

Vanaf 1 januari 2012 00:01 (CET) tot 8 januari 2012 00:01 (CET) loopt de eerste ronde van de herbevestiging moderatoren januari 2012, hierin zal ook uw moderatorschap ter beoordeling staan. U heeft de mogelijkheid om kort wat te zeggen over uw activiteiten van het afgelopen jaar. Zie deze pagina

Mvg, Wiki13 (overleg) 24 dec 2011 21:40 (CET)