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Horizon is een televisieprogramma van de BBC dat toegankelijke wetenschap- en geschiedenisdocumentaires maakt en uitzendt. De eerste uitzending was in 1964.

De invalshoek die het programma doorgaans gebruikt is het relateren van een behandeld onderwerp aan iets wat het huidige dagelijks leven beïnvloedt. Dat kunnen eenvoudige concepten zijn, maar ook meer ingewikkelde onderwerpen die zo eenvoudig mogelijk uitgelegd worden. Afleveringen duren ongeveer 50 minuten per stuk.

Horizon is al bekroond met onder meer een BAFTA en een Emmy Award voor 'beste documentaire'.


Vanaf 2000 heeft BBC de volgende afleveringen uitgezonden


  1. Life and Death in the 21st Century: Designer Babies
  2. Life and Death in the 21st Century: Living Forever
  3. Life and Death in the 21st Century: Future Plagues
  4. Breath of Life
  5. The Lost City of Nasca
  6. The Diamond Makers
  7. Supervolcanoes
  8. Miracle in Orbit
  9. Complete Obsession
  10. Is GM safe?
  11. Planet Hunters
  12. Moon Children
  13. Mega-tsunami: Wave of Destruction
  14. Conjoined Twins
  15. The Lost World of Lake Vostok
  16. Vanished: The Plane That Disappeared
  17. The Secret Treasures of Zeugma
  18. The Valley of Life or Death
  19. Extreme Dinosaurs
  20. Supermassive Black Holes
  21. The Boy who was Turned into a Girl
  22. Atlantis Reborn Again


  1. Life On Mars (1)
  2. Destination Mars (2)
  3. The Mystery of the Miami Circle
  4. Killer Algae
  5. Ecstasy & Agony
  6. Snowball Earth
  7. Taming The Problem Child
  8. What Sank the Kursk?
  9. The Mystery of the Persian Mummy
  10. The Ape that Took Over the World
  11. Life Blood
  12. The Death Star
  13. Cloning the First Human


  1. Helike - The Real Atlantis
  2. Volcano Hell
  3. Fatbusters
  4. The Lost Pyramids of Caral
  5. Death of the Iceman
  6. Parallel Universes
  7. The Dinosaur that Fooled the World
  8. The Fall of the World Trade Center
  9. Archimedes' Secret
  10. The Mystery of the Jurassic
  11. Killer Lakes
  12. The A6 Murder
  13. The England Patient
  14. Freak Wave
  15. Stone Age Columbus
  16. Homeopathy: The Test
  17. The Day The Earth Nearly Died
  18. The Secret of El Dorado


  1. The Mystery of Easter Island
  2. Living Nightmare
  3. Averting Armageddon
  4. Dirty Bomb
  5. Sexual Chemistry
  6. The Day We Learned To Think
  7. Trial and Error
  8. Earthquake Storms
  9. Life on Mars
  10. The Secret Life of Caves
  11. God on the Brain
  12. Flight 587
  13. SARS: the True Story
  14. The Big Chill
  15. The Bible Code
  16. Last Flight of the Columbia
  17. The Hunt for the AIDS Vaccine
  18. Percy Pilcher's Flying Machine
  19. Time Trip


  1. Demonic Ape
  2. The Moscow Theatre Siege
  3. The Atkins Diet
  4. Secrets of the Star Disc
  5. The Dark Secret of Hendrik Schön
  6. Thalidomide - A Second Chance?
  7. Diamond Labs
  8. T.rex - Warrior or Wimp?
  9. The Truth About Vitamins
  10. King Solomon's Tablet of Stone
  11. What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?
  12. Making Millions the Easy Way
  13. Saturn - Lord of the Rings
  14. The Hunt for the Supertwister
  15. Global Dimming
  16. Dr Money and the Boy with No Penis
  17. Einstein's Unfinished Symphony (1)
  18. Einstein's Equation of Life and Death (2)
  19. Living with ADHD
  20. Neanderthal
  21. An Experiment to Save the World
  22. Who's Afraid of Designer Babies?
  23. The Lost Civilisation of Peru
  24. The Next Megaquake


  1. Defeating the Curse
  2. Does the MMR Jab Cause Autism?
  3. Tsunami – Naming the Dead
  4. The Hawking Paradox
  5. The Mystery of the Human Hobbit
  6. The Doctor Who Makes People Walk Again?
  7. Could Fish Make My Child Smart?
  8. Madagascar – A Treetop Odyssey
  9. Titan. A Place Like Home?
  10. The 7/7 Bombers – A Psychological Investigation
  11. The Ghost in Your Genes


  1. Space Tourists
  2. Waiting for a Heartbeat
  3. Derek Tastes of Earwax
  4. A War on Science
  5. The Lost City of New Orleans
  6. Most of Our Universe Is Missing
  7. Winning Gold in 2012
  8. The Woman Who Thinks like a Cow
  9. The Genius Sperm Bank
  10. Bye Bye Planet Pluto
  11. We Love CigarettesNuclear Nightmares
  12. Tutankhamun's Fireball
  13. Survivers Guide to Plane Crashes
  14. Chimps are People Too
  15. The Worlds First Face Transplant
  16. Human v2.0
  17. The Great Robot Race
  18. Pandemic
  19. We are the Aliens


  1. My Pet Dinosaur
  2. The Elephant's Guide to Sex
  3. Prof Regan's Beauty Parlour
  4. Mad but Glad
  5. Moon for Sale
  6. Battle of the Brains
  7. Skyscraper Fire Fighters
  8. The Six Billion Dollar Experiment
  9. How to commit the perfect Murder
  10. Everest: Doctors in the Death Zone (1)
  11. Everest: Doctors in the Death Zone (2)


  1. How to Kill a Human Being
  2. Total Isolation
  3. What on Earth is wrong with gravity?
  4. Is alcohol worse than ecstasy?
  5. How to live to 101
  6. Prof. Regan's supermarket secrets
  7. Are we Alone in the Universe?
  8. How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?
  9. How Does Your Memory work?
  10. The President's Guide to Science
  11. How Mad Are You? (1)
  12. How Mad Are You? (2)
  13. Jimmy's GM Food Fight
  14. Do You Know What Time It Is?
  15. Allergy Planet
  16. Where's My Robot?


In 2013 zond Horizon de afleveringen The Secret Life of the Cat en Little Cat Diaries uit, waarin 50 katten worden gevolgd met gps-apparatuur. Veertien katten kregen een mini-camera om de nek. Dit experiment werd in 2014 opnieuw verricht, ditmaal met honderd katten voor drie afleveringen met de titel Cat Watch 2014: The New Horizon Experiment. Deze serie werd in Nederland uitgezonden onder de titel Het verborgen leven van de kat.