Soap Opera

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Soap Opera
Studioalbum van The Kinks
(Albumhoes op
Uitgebracht 24 april 1975
Genre Rock
Label(s) RCA
Producent(en) Ray Davies
Preservation, Act 2
Soap Opera
Schoolboys In Disgrace
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Soap Opera is een album van de Britse rockband The Kinks uit 1975. De opnames vonde plaats van augustus t/m oktober 1974.


  • "Everybody's A Star (Starmaker)"
  • "Ordinary People"
  • "Rush Hour Blues"
  • "Nine To Five"
  • "When Work Is Over"
  • "Have Another Drink"
  • "Underneath The Neon Sign"
  • "Holiday Romance"
  • "You Make It All Worthwhile"
  • "Ducks On The Wall"
  • "(A) Face In The Crowd"
  • "You Can't Stop The Music"