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baron Sijmon de Wael

personen in de Nederlanden in de 18e eeuw baron Sijmon de Wael was born in 1702 in the City of Ipendam, of the County of Waterland in the Province of North Holland, The Netherlands. He died there on the 1st of November 1746.

He inherited large landplots in Waterland and Monnickendam from his father, Claas Claaszn de Wael (1671 - 9th of November 1713). His ancestors where economically and religiously important. The great-grandfather of Sijmon, Pieter Buyes de Wael, was one of the co-founders of Nieuw Amsterdam (New York), and owned large landplots in Nieuw Utrecht (Long Island) in his time.

He was in his time politically important as he was member of the "vroetschap"; controlling the economic interests of the local authorities, he was also "gecomiteerde" a so-called Minister controlling the economic interests of the Province, and was "schepen"; a local Minister of the Province executing orders to construct public works, as dikes and water supply of the Province. Sijmon was a protestant, and influential and a deacon; in those times a ministry in the protestant church collecting the religious tax monies, and was also a "ouderling"; preaching before church.

Emperor Carl IV (1st-oct 1685-20th oct 1740), Archduke of Austria, King of Bohemia, Hungary and Croatia, became through the peace of Utrecht (vrede van Utrecht 1713) in possession of the "lower Netherlands". To get more control over the lower netherlands, he gave Sijmon de Wael, who was economically and religiously important in his time, the nobel title of baron in 1739.

His descendants are:

  1. Pieter I de Wael, 2nd baron de Wael, 1st of dec 1754 - 9th of dec 1811, Sijmon II de Wael, 3rd baron de Wael, 29th of dec 1754 - 5th of jan 1800, Pieter II de Wael, 4th baron de Wael, 8th of june 1783 - 4th feb 1823, Sijmon III de Wael, 5th baron de Wael, 9th of june 1816 - 4th of june 1852, Pieter III de Wael, 6th baron de Wael, 7th of jan 1841 - 26th of march 1892, Jan de Waal, 7th baron de Waal, 30th of oct 1872 - 1st of may 1927, Evert de Waal, 8th baron de Waal, 28th of may 1900 - 26th of oct 1956, Jan de Waal, 9th baron de Waal, 21st of may 1926 - 28th of feb 1999


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